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ATTENTION: Anyone who has been on a "diet" more than once
in their life, is working out and not seeing the results they
want, or has gotten to the point of giving up and giving
in to being less than you want to be:

"Give me 21 Days and I will show you how to totally transform your life through simple action steps to finally lose that weight (and keep it off), look 10 years younger and have great energy all day long!"

Hi there,

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • No matter WHAT you’ve tried, you're not happy with how you look. You've got a few extra pounds (or a few more than a few) you can't seem to take off, regardless of what diet or exercise program you've tried.
  • Or maybe your unhappiness with your looks goes deeper than the extra weight. You also find you look older or exhausted or just plain unhealthy. You're constantly covering up dark circles under your eyes or general puffiness. Make-up is one of your best friends. You try not to think about how the face in the mirror looking back at you is NOT the one you've thought you'd be seeing at this point in your life.
  • You struggle with mood swings or energy dips throughout the day. Or maybe your energy is constantly low. You want to take a nap in the afternoon and you can't. (I mean, who has the time?) Or maybe you find you're irritable or cranky more often than not. But that's just the way it is, right? You just down more coffee or diet soda and soldier on. What choice do you have?
  • You have health "things" you're tolerating. Maybe you have a "nervous" stomach or you're constipated or have chronic indigestion, gas or bloating. Maybe you have problems sleeping. Maybe you get headaches or have other aches and pains. Maybe you have a chronic stuffy nose or a chronic cough. Maybe you have allergies. Whatever it is, it's just YOU, right? It's just what you have to deal with. So you pop a pill (antacid, sleeping pill, pain med, etc.) and get back to your life. That's just "normal" for you, right?

Well, I'm here to tell you NONE OF THIS HAS TO BE TRUE! Now, you may be on this page because you're ready to ditch the weight, but what if I were to tell you what I'm here to offer is much deeper than that. I can show you a way to get YOUR LIFE BACK.

Imagine this instead:

  • You LOVE the way you look. You can wear anything you want and know you look great. Even better, along with the weight you've shaved AT LEAST 10 years off your face.
  • No more mood swings, depression, irritability or exhaustion. Your energy is high throughout the entire day. You feel GREAT.
  • All those "problems" you've been putting up with? Well, they're gone too. No more headaches, stomach problems, sleeping problems, or anything else. You can't believe how wonderful you feel and you wonder why you've tolerated your health issues for so long.

The best part? You don't have to imagine – this can be your reality. I'm here to show you how.

I participated in JJ Virgin’s cleanse and the information that I learned was invaluable; she is a great educator! The products tasted better than any I had tried previously, making it easy to stick with the plan for the 21 days. A major issue for me going into the cleanse was sugar cravings. After the first week, those were no longer haunting me. I was able to start a process that I will continue in order to uncover some underlying health issues and expect even more results in the Spring cleanse.
- Donna Hart

Thank you, JJ, for creating the 21 Day Fast Track Detox Program! Let me tell you, after years of not losing weight and exercising 2 to 3 hours a day I am thrilled. Last year I ran 6 half marathons and 3 marathons only to gain weight—so what did I do?? I exercised more, went on a miserable high protein shake diet, and counted calories. So, here I am exercising like crazy, eating (or should I say drinking) out of a bucket and gaining weight! Now, just 14 days in I have lost over 13 pounds and 3% body fat. The best part of all is that I am barely even exercising! I just started doing the burst training, during the first week I was just walking. I am so excited to continue on the program and get back to my goal weight!
- Becky Reese

So who am I and why should you believe me?

My name is JJ Virgin and I've successfully coached top performers, CEOs, movie stars and more around the world, using my powerful weight loss program to get them in shape and keep them healthy in their work. I've also appeared as an on-camera nutrition and fitness expert, writer, professional speaker and radio personality on nationally syndicated shows, including 2 seasons as the Nutrition Expert on the Dr. Phil Show, and episodes of E! Modern Girl’s Guide to Life, NBC’s iVillage Live, ABC’s Extreme Makeover, and numerous network pilots.


“Every once in a while someone comes along who connects the dots and takes the mystery out of losing weight. JJ Virgin has done that. She understands the science and the effect of foods on the individual. If losing weight hasn’t worked for you until now, try this.”
- Suzanne Somers

That's now. But it wasn't always like this.

I'll let you in on a secret -- I had major body angst!

Honestly, I am being totally transparent with you here. My teens and early twenties were spent in total "body angst." I literally felt like a prisoner of my bad habits and the more I would try and control them, (i.e. "I will never eat ice cream again," "I will work out double for that quart of fat free frozen yogurt" [which, by the way, doesn't work AT ALL] "I will never drink wine again" [yeah right.]) the more I would be imprisoned by them.

I was a slave to diet drinks that kept me craving sweet and feeling bloated most of the time. Frozen yogurt and bagels (after all, they're fat free!) were my mainstay and I worked out up to 2 hours a day.

But isn't that what you're supposed to do? Fat-free foods, diet drinks and working out 2 hours a day? How could I be losing the battle?

I was a personal trainer back then working my way through graduate and doctoral school and getting up at 4:30 in the morning to start my first client between 5:30 and 6. I would grab my little carb bombs in between clients, throw in a few classes in the afternoon and then train until 9 pm, go home, study, sleep and start over.

I was studying everything I could to understand metabolism and fat loss but nothing I did helped. I was losing my personal battle with my weight due to a lifestyle that made me crave carbs, store fat and breakdown muscle. I thought about what I was eating and when I would exercise all day every day. I canceled social events if I hadn't gotten my exercise in and I tried to avoid events where I couldn't control my food intake, only to go home and binge on bagels, frozen yogurt and diet soda.

I finally got out of my own way

Back then I was fit but not fabulous (which in LA means you're INVISIBLE). I couldn't figure out why, with EVERYTHING I was doing, I didn't look better than I did. I still carried excess fat, especially around my stomach, which just wouldn't go away no matter what I did.

But, even worse, I was MISERABLE. I craved carbs constantly, my energy and mood was all over the place. I was a slave to my eating and workout habits. Plus I agonized over my acne, which just wouldn't go away, and bad skin in general. It was awful.

(In fact, during this time I got SO sick I almost died! No I didn't go on drugs, I made a few simple dietary changes, which started to heal me and my metabolism.)

And it wasn't like I wasn't looking for something better! I read every darn diet book and tried every new workout and dug through the old research in the library. I consulted with as many big name Medical Doctors, Sports Psychologists, Bariatric Physicians, Top Body Builders, Exercise Physiologists and Nutritionists as I could track down. They all had something of value to share but no one had the complete picture of what we need to do to heal our metabolism and get lean for life. Why? Because it involved the thoughtful integration of ALL of these disciplines.

That's when I put it all together

Fortunately for all of us, my OCD perfectionist didn't let me rest until I figured out the answer. I attended 5 different graduate schools and 36 different grad courses before finally finishing my PhD. I attended the most traditional schools as well as the most alternative to get the whole picture. I continue to attend multiple conferences yearly to stay updated and read new info daily.

But more importantly I put what I learned to use. I have trained hundreds of medical doctors and health care professionals in my methods. Plus I've worked with thousands of clients. I have created a science-based clinically proven, totally integrated lifestyle program that works! (But only when you commit and take action and then stay accountable to the program.)

Today, I am 46 years old, 6 feet tall, weigh 146-148 pounds and average around 13% body fat (and no, that isn't unhealthy if you are getting your proper nutrition, practicing good lifestyle habits AND training correctly).

Here's what I'm NOT doing:

  • Spending hours in the kitchen preparing weird food that really (let's be honest here) doesn't taste all that good nor is all that satisfying.
  • Feeling hungry. (I eat 3 meals a day, that's it. No snacks, no grazing, no cravings. I feel full and satisfied all day long.)
  • Exercising hours each day. (I work out 20-40 minutes, 5-6 times a week. Really. That's it.)
  • Struggling with mood swings, depression, cravings, hunger, energy dips, fatigue or just plain feeling lousy.
  • Agonizing about how I look . No more thinking "do these shorts make me look fat?" "Can I actually wear a bikini or not?"

The best part? This WILL work for you. I guarantee it!

How can I be so sure? Because this isn't your fault!

How can it POSSIBLY be your fault you struggle with your weight, your health, your mood swings when there is SO much bad information out there? How do you know who to believe or who to trust? Even our government doesn't get it right. (That food pyramid? Give me a break.)

I KNOW you're trying. I really do. You follow expert after expert, trying EVERYTHING but NOTHING works. Or you may even be getting worse!

And that's because what is considered currently accepted weight loss practices DON'T work and will keep you trapped! If you follow them, you WILL fail. There's no getting around it.

  • You WILL succumb to temptation because your cravings will be out of hand
  • You WON'T be able to stick with the program because it's too limiting or takes too much time or it's too difficult. You see, it's NOT about willpower. Willpower ALONE won't take the weight off. You need to actually HEAL your metabolism. (And, you also may be one of the 30% of obese/overweight Americans who are weight-loss resistant, caused NOT by genetics but by lifestyle.)
  • You WILL struggle with starting or continuing your exercise program because of how much time the "experts" recommend you exercise. Worse, those programs could actually be making you fatter! Really!

(By the way, it's not necessarily the experts fault either. They're not trying to mislead you – for the most part they really DO want to help you. I'd even go so far to say the vast majority have a piece or two of the system right. They just don't have my training and experience so they haven't put it together the way I have. And if you're not following the complete system, you're not going to get the same results.)

Honestly, it breaks my heart, knowing how many people struggle day in and day out with this. My own struggles have cost me TWO DECADES I'll never get back. How much of your life has this already cost you?

But I know the secret of turning it all around

For the past decade I have been training doctors on what I do and working with individual clients and honestly, getting frustrated because I have a way bigger vision. I want everyone to have this.

I want YOU to have this.

I want you to look great, feel fantastic and live the life you deserve. If you only know how truly simple it all is (not easy mind you, but simple) and could ignore the noise of all of the silly, hyped-up, BAD ADVICE out there like eating 6 meals of day, doing 2 hrs of aerobics a day, taking fat blockers, carb blockers, herbal amphetamine appetite suppressants, cutting out carbs, cutting out fat, etc., all of this silly, non-scientific and often detrimental advice that will just make you fatter over time. (Sure it may work out for the short time but stay tuned – you'll be worse than where you started when the dust settles.)

And the best part? It's actually easier this way!

The funniest part? When I made the shift and really learned how to stop battling my metabolism, I discovered what I had to do was so much easier than what I used to do. I created a series of simple action steps that have become the habits that shaped my healthy life. It's amazing - AND it takes WAY less time and stress than the old way.

If only I could have had found the right program with a coach and accountability to get me there back in my teens or twenties, imagine how much farther I would be now. All of those years of pain I could have avoided.


JJ, There is no doubt about it, you gave me the motivation and the strategy to get me from 224 to 179 lbs. I was wearing 46 regular suits in 110 degree weather going to lunch in Palm Desert. I did not take off my jacket in public. You woke me up, I thought I was about 10 lbs, maybe 20 lbs. overweight, you told me the truth. You gave me the leverage I needed to take action. I often times tell people that I am convinced, that if I did not have you in my life to help me through that transition, I would have lived a life without energy and poor health. Thanks for giving me my life back. It is my commitment to ongoing health education, smart nutrition, the right kind of exercise, surrounding myself with positive people, doing the work that I love, getting rid of all artificial foods and sweeteners and embracing an active lifestyle that keeps me fit, vibrant and happy.
- Randy Alvarez
CEO / The Wellness Hour

If I had a dollar for every person who asks me what I did to look so good so fast, I could retire next week! JJ Virgin gave me the body I always DREAMED I could have!
- Tracie Thoms

I can change your life in 21 days

A bold statement, yes, but I can stay with total certainty that comes from watching hundreds succeed over the past year ALONE that it is the unquestionable truth. In 21 short days, you can learn the simple action steps to lose fat, have more energy and look 10 years younger. It works THAT FAST.

And it's why I've called my program Fast Track Detox.

But wait a minute, I can hear you saying, detox? I thought you were going to teach me what I need to do to lose weight, not go on some weird detox program. I don't want to drink all sorts of lousy tasting concoctions and live on veggies for 3 weeks.

Well, first off, let me explain a few things about detox. Detox is something that happens naturally EVERY day. In fact, if it's NOT happening, that's when problems arise.

You see, every day we're hit with toxins. From the chemicals in the food we eat and the products we use to clean our house, to the pollution in the air we breathe to heavy metal in our teeth fillings and more.

So what happens when we take in toxins? Well, if we aren't able to get rid of them right away we store them in our fat.

And what do you think happens when we begin to burn fat and lose weight? We release those toxins back into our systems. (Which is one of the reasons why you feel sick during weight loss programs.) And unless you eliminate those toxins and get them out of your body, they’ll just circulate around until your body decides to store them again in your fat.

This viscous cycle continues until the end result is you've gained MORE weight, you FEEL worse and end up with a bunch MORE health problems. (You see, your body actually WANTS to create fat when you have toxins circulating in your body. Your body needs a place to put the toxins. That's one of the reasons why toxins actually MAKE you fat!)

Now you see why it's so important to detox. You need to prepare your body so as you lose the weight and release toxins, your body will effortlessly escort them safely and harmlessly out of your body.

But that's just the beginning of what you'll get with my Fast Track Detox. You'll also get the lifestyle and diet habits necessary to heal your metabolism so you CAN easily and effortlessly lose the weight and keep it off. Chances are your body is a mess right now. Years of the wrong food, the wrong exercise, the wrong lifestyle habits (no matter how well meaning from those "experts" who truly didn't know better) have lowered your metabolism, increased your stress level, caused your weight gain, aged you and created all the other problems you're having now.

But my Fast Track Detox does more than that. It also will help you pinpoint if you have any food sensitivities. (No I'm not talking about hives. Food sensitivities are MUCH more common than you think. Estimates say up to 95% of Americans suffer from some form of food sensitivities.) If you suffer from this type of allergy or sensitivity, then your body responds by inflammation. (In other words, swelling.) Remove the allergy or sensitivity and you could drop 10 pounds IMMEDIATELY.

Yes, really. Just like that.

That's why it's not enough to change your diet or exercise routine. You have to detox too. That's where the magic starts.

I only wish that someone had told me years ago that building a lean, strong, healthy body would make me powerful beyond reason. I wish someone had explained to me that the improved self-confidence and attitude (not arrogance) that comes with a good body would bring me success in every aspect of my life. Perhaps then I wouldn't have gained 50 pounds in my first two months of college or ended up weighing just over 350 pounds at 19 years old. I might have been more successful in job interviews and made better first impressions, had more dates (had ANY dates). But hindsight is always 20/20, and even if someone had taken the time to sit me down and explain the vast social, mental, and spiritual benefits that come with being fit, I probably wouldn't have listened. I'm rebellious like that.

After college, my weight went up and down depending on life's stresses. When I met JJ a few years ago through an acquaintance, I was at a higher weight of 312 pounds and was in a very unhealthy, destructive relationship. At first, I was shocked at how simply her philosophies could be implemented on a daily basis: If it's processed, don't eat it. Avoid added sugars. Read labels - and more importantly, read ingredient lists, don't just look at the macronutrients. Find out how different foods affect your body, your mood, your energy levels, and learn from your body's reactions to these foods. Stop doing hours of endless cardio training and start lifting. Lift hard, lift heavy, and don't be afraid to be sore the next day. Learn about supplements and use them. Learn moderation - especially when out at restaurants and around desserts. Read every nutritional magazine and article that can be found. Question any advertisement that claims instant results and avoid chemicals. Eat organic. Put these all together and you have the tools to transform your entire life. As JJ says, "If you want to BE a lean, healthy person, you must LIVE like a lean, healthy person."

So perhaps the reason for my journey and the struggles I've endured is to empower me to help others, to be that person who explains that the benefits of being lean and healthy go far beyond looking good. The mind and body are one, and when they're finally in sync, life is good.

- Joe Hagg

I know for me - this is the best thing I have done in a VERY long time....I am feeling better and better each day. I am beginning to feel the difference in the way my clothes are fitting. I never thought that at my age and family history of obesity that I could win this battle of the bulge. This has already proven itself as a lifelong plan for me. I keep my eyes forward and focus on those jeans I have hanging in my closet that I have not been into in a few years. They are waiting for me to step into them with my new shaped body!

Keep your goals and desires to lose the weight and get healthy firmly planted in your heart, mind and soul! It truly will help you to eat the things you should and leave those things you should not eat alone. It has for me.

Feeling good about what I have accomplished to this point - and I am less than 1 week into this. Monday I will begin week 2......I can't wait to see what I am going to look like at my son's wedding on June 12th!!!

- Kelley Kinnell

This has been one of the most challenging 3 days for me personally: I've barely slept the past 3 nights taking care of my sick kids throughout the night and my mom has been in the hospital since Wed. with a blockage in her intestine and I'm the only child in the area to take care of her. Normally (or should I say before the program) I would have been surviving off of Starbucks Mochas, Diet Coke, chocolate, snack foods, Diet Coke, fast food, Diet Coke (yes Diet Coke has been my primary liquid fuel for over a decade), but not now! I actually made it through the past three days on the Detox program without cheating and feel amazing! I have physical energy, even though emotionally I'm tired, and look forward to filling my body with healthful choices and lots of water because I'm feeling so good. I've spent my fair share in hospital rooms as the caregiver and always come out feeling bloated, exhausted and swollen. Not anymore. I would say the worst I've done is have 2 large Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Iced Green Teas today, which I know I should have kept to one, but if that's the worst I've done, I'm WAY ahead of the game.

Truly, I am so proud of myself and I don't ever feel like saying that, so it's not said lightly. I know now what I'm made of and that it is possible and I can get through just about anything without turning to food for comfort.

It may sound like I'm tooting my own horn over here, but honestly this is a HUGE breakthrough for me. And I deeply wish that the program does the same for all of you by showing you that you've got what it takes to get through the rough spots and experience the joy on the other side.
What a wonderful gift you have given us JJ, thank you!

- Jeanette Fair

When I met JJ Virgin, I thought I was doing everything right and necessary to lose those “final 10 pounds” but had been at a plateau for months. I’d mostly given up eating carbs (except for veggies) and was getting plenty of protein. Exercise-wise, I was committed to spending 5-6 hours a week in the gym, with a combination of weight-lifting with my personal trainer and treadmill running. I ran a half-marathon last November and was averaging about 20 miles a week running on the treadmill. I am a bit of a “Type A” personality and felt that controlling my carbs and getting lots of exercise were the keys to managing my weight.

JJ, however, taught me that the way I was eating and, especially the way I was exercising, were actually contributing to my stress level and were putting more strain on my body. Somewhat reluctantly, I agreed to try a few simple steps she recommended for me: dramatically reduce the amount of time I spend in the gym and focusing on burst training for cardio rather than endurance runs, adding back in high-fiber healthy carbs in small portions, and eliminating dairy from my diet. I made these three simple changes (which I honestly felt would result in weight gain) and much to my amazement, seven pounds simply melted off my body with zero effort over a 3-week period. I was astounded to learn that by doing less exercise and eating a broader spectrum of foods, my body responded in a powerful, positive way. Thank you, JJ -- I feel more “in balance” and relaxed than I have in a long time!

- Michele DeKinder-Smith

When I saw that JJ Virgin was doing a 21 day cleanse, I saw it as an opportunity to get back "on the health wagon". I attacked the regimen head-on and the program, combined with the supplements, delivered great results. I lost 14lbs in 28 days, my body fat dropped by 2 percentage points, and even more importantly, I'm sleeping better than I have in years, and my energy has remarkably improved. The best take-away from the cleanse is that my cravings for carbs and sugar has been completely put in check. Since the cleanse I haven't come close to falling into my old bad habits. I'm planning to lose another 10-15 lbs in the coming weeks and months, and look forward to all the benefits.

If you're serious about making a permanent lifestyle change, the guidance of JJ and her staff are a vital part of an overall health plan.

- Drew Matich

I just completed JJ’s 21 day cleanse program and was amazed at how my allergies seemed to disappear while I was doing the cleanse. I had no PMS problems during my period. I would definitely recommend this program to other people.

- Patty Baker

So let me share a little of the Fast Track Detox program with you

First off, rest assured you are going to be getting EVERYTHING you need to succeed - both information AND products. I'm PERSONALLY going to walk you through the program step-by-step. All you need to do is follow what I've laid out for you. That's it. (And I've made it VERY simple.)

You'll get:

  • 4 60-minute webinars where we walk you through the program step-by-step. These are recorded so you can listen to them if you can't make a session. In addition, each class will include a Q&A session with a Fast Track Detox Success Coach to get all your questions answered. (You'll never be alone while you're going through the program).
  • Worksheets to help you determine your body composition (i.e. muscle to fat), your toxicity level, etc.
  • Other easy to use resources, such as grocery lists, meal prep forms, kitchen set up forms, menus (created by a 5-star chef so they taste WONDERFUL, but they're also FAST – no spending hours in the kitchen), exercise manual, step-by-step instructions as you move through the program and more.
  • A customized, personal 30-minute Laser Coaching Strategy Session with a Fast Track Success Coach. This strategy session happens before the webinars start, to set you up for success with the program. Your coach will look at where you're at right now and what you PERSONALLY need to do to have this program be a massive success for you.
  • A forum where you can ask questions, check in with your fellow students and get all the help, support and guidance you need. This forum has been one of the popular parts of our program. We've found that our students LOVE being a part of a community that helps them stay accountable to their goals and gives them support and encouragement.
  • A big box delivered RIGHT to your door (we call it Your Detox Tool Kit). We supply EVERYTHING you need to do the program. No guesswork, no spending hours shopping or on the Internet figuring out what you should be buying. We've done our homework and have the best, personally tested products picked out for you (yep these are the ones I use myself and with my family). Here's what you'll receive:
    • A professional grade, comprehensive Multivitamin/Mineral formula.
    • My favorite Shake Mix that features a high quality protein blend, greens, fiber, probiotics and enzymes.
    • Our incredible tasting Fiber Blend that will thicken up your shakes and take your hunger away for hours.
    • Our Detox Cleanse Powder and our Liver GI Detox Support Caps to help your body detoxify safely and effectively (no laxatives or crazy fasting!).
    • My favorite Vitamin C packets you can put into sparkling mineral water to replace your soda.
    • My favorite “Safe” Drinking Bottle so you can drink your pure spring water throughout the day.
    • pH strips to monitor your acid alkaline balance. (We'll explain how to use those later)
    • A Dry Brush to support detoxification.
    • A Tape Measure to help track your progress.

By the way… these products total over $231 in retail value AND also replace a meal a day! If you're replacing a meal a day AND cutting out your daily coffee runs you are easily saving more than $10 a day during the program! (That’s over $200 in savings over the 21 days!) Plus if you are going out for drinks with friends a few nights a week then the program is practically FREE! (Yes you can still go out with your friends during the detox, just no alcohol.)

*Items may vary from illustration.

Now let's talk about what you'll get each week in the program.


  • The moment you register, you'll receive our Fast Action Guide. This guide is designed to help you get started right away. You'll get the preparatory eating plan plus lifestyle basics.
  • You'll also get a link to our Setting Up for Success Introductory Audio. You can download this immediately and start listening to me as I explain what you need to do get started.
  • You'll also be able to immediately download the grocery shopping list. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover we've purposely kept shopping and meal prep to a minimum. In fact, you may find (like many of our students) that you actually save time and money on the program as you will be replacing one meal a day with a shake. If you are traveling you can take the shake and fiber blend with you and use a travel blender or a shaker cup.
  • You also can immediately download menus and start putting together the recommended meals. You'll discover those meals are easy to prepare and take very little time. In fact, it will probably take you only 30 minutes OR LESS to prepare each meal (plus only 30 minutes to do your weekly grocery shopping). Eating out? No problem, you'll find you can easily order from nearly any restaurant. And don’t worry about your family – this is great tasting whole food everyone will enjoy so you won’t have to be preparing different meals for everyone.
  • You'll also get your Detox Tool Kit mailed to you so you can start preparing your body for detoxification right away. (And don't be surprised if you find you also start dropping pounds and fat as soon as you start this process.)
  • You'll also get access to our private Fast Track Detox Forum. This is where you can communicate with the other participants, get your questions answered, share your success and support each other. This is also the place where you'll find archived webinars and all the resources including quizzes, weekly protocols, meal plans and shake recipes. (You'll also have access to a link to a site to review the toxic exposure in your home town. Caution: this can be pretty alarming!)
  • You'll get yourself scheduled with your Fast Track Detox Success Coach for your 30-min Laser Coaching Strategy Session. This is where we'll personalize your Fast Track Detox program to fit YOUR body so you get the results you've always dreamed of!

Class One – Getting your body prepared for detoxification

Before you can start detoxifying, you need to prepare your body. Here's where we teach you how to prepare your body so you have no problems during the process.

We'll walk you through step by step what you should eat and not eat. You'll also learn what other healthy lifestyle habits you need to start incorporating into your program and a few other "healthy" tidbits, such as:

  • The one habit you absolutely MUST do because it's the most strongly linked to weight loss. (No I'm not talking about exercise.) People who do this regularly lose more weight and keep it off than those who don't do it.
  • The top foods that create allergies and sensitivies in people. (You may be surprised what's on the list.)
  • How much water you should drink and why. (You may be surprised at the answer.)
  • The BEST food you should be eating EACH DAY– it will keep you full longer, stabilize your blood sugar, help escort the toxins out of your body and (best of all) GET AND KEEP YOU THIN
  • My personal exercise regime which you can do in as little in 4 minutes and STILL get fantastic results. (You'll also learn how other exercise routines are probably making you FATTER. For instance, did you know that most people who start training for a marathon actually GAIN weight? I'll explain why that is and how my short-short-short routine bursts through that.)
  • The "magic plate" – this makes knowing what to eat at each meal SO EASY. Best yet there's no weighing, measuring or other messing around. I've created a SIMPLE system – you won't believe how easy it is to follow.
  • My NUMBER ONE detox habit. If I had to pick ONE thing you need to do to get all the benefits of detoxification (including losing the weight) THIS would be it. (You'll NEVER guess what it is but I'll give you a hint – it's probably something you're already doing just not enough of.)
  • EASY ways to eliminate unhealthy eating habits. You won't have to quit everything cold turkey, you'll get support AND a system for breaking any habit that aren't serving you.
  • How to get your kitchen set up for success (if your kitchen is set up correctly it will be FAR easier for you to complete the program)
  • How to get YOURSELF set up for success – we'll get you motivated and into IMMEDIATE action so you can start seeing results.

Class Two – Let's start detoxifying

Here's where we start the real detoxification portion of the program. We'll teach you how to monitor how you are feeling so you do this at the right pace for your current state of health. Best part – you'll start noticing your symptoms (you know, those health "things" you're tolerating?) start to disappear. You'll also learn:

  • Other ways to incorporate detoxifying into your daily lifestyle. (Don't worry – these are EASY and some you'll absolutely LOVE doing.)
  • What you should be doing and what you should be experiencing (this way you'll know it's working or if you need to do more tweaks)
  • What you need to watch out for. (Your body will tell you what it needs and doesn't need, we'll teach you how to listen and what to do.)

Class Three – Let's intensify!

Here's where we kick it up and start getting serious about detoxifying. Best yet, you should be feeling a BIG boost in your energy this week. (Wouldn't we ALL love that!) You'll also learn:

  • A few more juicy healthy habits you can start incorporating. (Here's how to get to your results even faster.)
  • There may be some healthy habits you haven't incorporated yet – we'll revisit those and talk about strategies of working them into your life. Many of these simply require shifting your attention or time from a bad habit to a new, healthy one. We'll show you how to find the time to fit these into your life so they become the new way you live.
  • A quick and easy test to find out if you need to tweak the program to give you the best results
  • A check in with what's happening with your body so you know if you need to do any adjusting.

Class Four – Maintain it!

You've done it! Congratulations! Now how do you take that and use it to build a new and powerful you?

We'll show you how to take what you learned over the past 21 days and use it to reach even higher levels of your health and well-being.

At this point your key tolerations (headaches, fatigue, bloating, etc.) should be history and you'll be leaner, more energetic and totally detoxed from those habits that were keeping you from living the life you deserve.

Plus you'll also learn:

  • How to add back things like alcohol, cookies and coffee you missed without going back to where you were
  • An easy system for maintaining the "new you" on a day-to-day basis, so you can still treat yourself while keeping your weight down, your energy high and your other symptoms from returning

And Grab These Great Bonuses!

  • Enjoy JJ’s hilarious & compelling Are You Hazardous To Your Health DVD presentation on the dangers of toxicity and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. This DVD is NOT available for sale anywhere!

Our EXTRA Bonuses to You for Taking Action Now!

Fast Action Bonus #1:
The first 27 to order will receive JJ's Overcoming Weight Loss ResistanceTM Guide Book. (This is not available for sale anywhere.)

Fast Action Bonus #2:
Access to a live group Q&A call with JJ in late August. This call is EXCLUSIVELY for JJ's private clients and program participants. You will have the opportunity to ask questions beforehand that she will address during these calls.

Fast Action Bonus #3:
Two FREE teleclasses (live and recorded for download) with renowned authors and nutritional experts Kaayla Daniels and Jeffrey Smith. Kaayla Daniels is the author of "The Whole Soy Story" and will share shocking truths about soy and what the soy industry does NOT want you to know. Jeffrey Smith is the author of "Seeds of Deception" and will expose the dangers of GMO (genetically modified) foods that are probably already in your pantry. You won't want to miss these two fascinating and informative classes!

Next Program Starts on September 22

Ready to take action and change your life? Or do you still have a few more questions?

Q. Do I have to give up everything?
A. We're going to start you with a series of additions (I like to add before I take away) and lateral shifts (i.e., trade regular coffee for organic and decaf) so we don’t create a big vacuum you will be tempted to fill with even worse options! Ultimately though, you'll get out of this what you put into it. We work through a series of action steps to detoxify your body and your lifestyle to make it easy for you to follow. The more you dig deep and work through these things the better you'll feel and the bigger your success.

Q. Will I feel lousy during the cleanse?
A. You aren’t allowed to! This is where I make the distinction between “a cleanse” where you drink some nasty drink with molasses, cayenne and lemon (I mean, come on really) and live on veggies versus my Fast Track Detox Program where we teach you how to take the bad stuff out and eat and live in a way that supports you becoming lean for life. If you're feeling crappy it's your body telling you something is WRONG – you're detoxifying too quickly or you aren’t supplying your body with the vital nutrients it needs to detoxify effectively. Remember, detoxification is a nutrient dense process, this is a time to be eating well and supplementing correctly so you feel better as the detox goes on, not worse!

Q. I'm an athlete, can I train hard while I am doing the program?
A. Yes! I'm an exercise physiologist with a special interest in sports nutrition and a history of working with professional and competitive athletes so I can answer this question with absolute authority. This is a great program for you. The eating plan and supplement regimen can enhance your performance and improve your recovery. We discuss how to increase amounts for athletes during the program. Our exercise recommendations can be incorporated into your training routine to help you go to the next level.

Q. What do I do when it is over?
A. Our mindset is you're taking 21 days to focus on changing the way you live, think and feel. You're dumping the bad habits in favor of new healthy ones so at the end of 21 days you have a new way of living that is honestly just the beginning of how far you can go with your health. You'll find what we teach you are great habits that you'll be able to maintain and continue to build on for a lifetime. And we teach you how to incorporate many of those things you had without sending you back to square one.

Q. Will I be hungry during the cleanse?
A. Actually, you'll probably discover you're less hungry than you've been in ages. This is due to the Live Lean Principles we teach you. We will show you how to build your meals so you can go 4-6 hours without the blood sugar jitters or hunger by putting together the right combination of clean lean protein, healthy fats, high fiber low glycemic carbs and non starchy veggies.

Q. Can I do it when I travel?
A. Absolutely! In fact, I find it is even easier to live this way on the road. I take a travel blender with me and I have a shake for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner if I get in late to a hotel. I carry emergency food with me like organic jerky, apples and nuts and I find it easy to order at almost all restaurants per our recommendations.

Q. I'm very social, will I be able to go out and stay on the program?
A. Yes and we'll teach you specific strategies to do so! And remember, this isn’t about being perfect for 21 days, this is about improving your habits over 21 days. A misstep doesn’t blow the program, it presents an opportunity for learning and strategizing for next time.

Q. How much time will it take?
A. A lot less time than you'd think. In fact, it will probably take you less time than your "unhealthy" habits. We've got meal prep down to 30 minutes or less, 30 minutes of weekly grocery shopping and exercise down to 4 minutes 3-5 times a week. How much simpler and time efficient could it be?

Bottom line – There will always be a reason why not, there will always be a "yeah-but" – it's up to you to decide it's time for YOU. You deserve to have the body you've always dreamed of. After all, is there ever really going to be a time when life is less chaotic, you have more money and loads of time?

I'm sold JJ, so what is it going to cost me?

First, I want to ask YOU a question. How much is costing YOU with all the things you're tolerating in your life? What is it costing you each and every day to:

  • Struggle with energy digs or just plain exhaustion?
  • Suffer with headaches, joint aches, bad skin, allergies, stomach problems and everything else you're tolerating right now?
  • Agonize over those extra pounds you can't get rid of?

Now how much money are you spending on drugs (prescription or otherwise) dealing with those "health" problems we could easily clear up for you?

How about how much time you're wasting exercising that's probably making you FATTER? Wouldn't you LOVE to learn how to get all the results you need in 4 minutes?

Plus I'll show you how you can SAVE $200 AT LEAST on your food bill while you're on this program. (And there's a good chance you'll be saving a lot more.) Take out alcohol for those 3 weeks and you've probably saved the cost of the program right there.

So, the price of the Fast Track Detox is $497. That includes all instruction, the forum, the strategy session and all the products in the Detox Toolkit.

But really, when it comes right down to it, what is it worth to you to get your life back? To lose the weight and all those "tolerations?" A lot more than $497, right? For less than $500 you're getting your life back. That's a bargain.

My Personal "Lose the Weight Not Your Wallet" Guarantee

Look, I KNOW what I teach works. 95% of my clients are thrilled beyond belief with the results they get with me. But if, for whatever reason, you're not happy after the second class, just let us know and we'll refund your money (minus a 20% reversal fee*), AND you get to KEEP all the products (a $231 value). Easy as that.

*Reversal fee is off of full program price.

So are you ready to get started?

Yes JJ! I'm ready to get on the Fast Track with your Fast Track Detox program and take back my life! I can't wait to lose weight and feel great!

I know I'll get:

  • 4 60-minute webinars where you'll walk me through the program step-by-step. These are recorded so I can listen to them if I can't make a session. In addition, each class will include a Q&A session with a Fast Track Detox Success Coach to get all my questions answered.
  • Worksheets to help me determine my body composition (i.e. muscle to fat), your toxicity level, etc.
  • Other easy to use resources, such as grocery lists, meal prep forms, kitchen set up forms, menus, exercise manual, step-by-step instructions as I move through the program and more.
  • A customized, personal 30-minute Laser Coaching Strategy Session with a Fast Track Success Coach.
  • A forum where I can ask questions, check in with my fellow students and get all the help, support and guidance I need.
  • My Detox Tool Kit, which includes:
    • A professional grade, comprehensive Multivitamin/Mineral formula.
    • JJ's favorite Shake Mix
    • Your incredible tasting Fiber Blend
    • Your Detox Cleanse Powder and our Liver GI Detox Support Caps
    • JJ's favorite Vitamin C packets
    • JJ's favorite “Safe” Drinking Bottle
    • pH strips
    • A Dry Brush
    • A Tape Measure

Plus I'll get the following bonuses:

JJ’s hilarious & compelling Are You Hazardous To Your Health DVD presentation on the dangers of toxicity and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. This DVD is NOT available for sale anywhere!

Fast Action Bonus #1:
The first 27 to order will receive JJ's Overcoming Weight Loss ResistanceTM Guide Book. (This is not available for sale anywhere.)

Fast Action Bonus #2:
Access to a live group Q&A call with JJ in late August. This call is EXCLUSIVELY for JJ's private clients and program participants. You will have the opportunity to ask questions beforehand that she will address during these calls.

Fast Action Bonus #3:
Two FREE teleclasses (live and recorded for download) with renowned authors and nutritional experts Kaayla Daniels and Jeffrey Smith. Kaayla Daniels is the author of "The Whole Soy Story" and will share shocking truths about soy and what the soy industry does NOT want you to know. Jeffrey Smith is the author of "Seeds of Deception" and will expose the dangers of GMO (genetically modified) foods that are probably already in your pantry. You won't want to miss these two fascinating and informative classes!


Remember, You're Protected by my Personal "Lose the Weight Not Your Wallet" Guarantee


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Remember, this is the only life you've got. Do you really want to waste it carrying extra pounds you don't want and feeling lousy all the time? NOW is your time to get your life back. Are you ready to join me on the Fast Track?

To your health


P.S. Remember I'm the celebrities' secret weapon. Not only are they putting their health into my hands but their livelihood. Do you want to FiNALLY learn their secrets for looking so darn good on camera? (Not what they "choose' to share in "Cosmo" or other entertainment publications.) I dish ALL in Fast Track – reserve your space now.

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